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Silverchair is a highly successful Australian Music export...

The band formed in Merewether, Newcastle Australia as Innocent Criminals, members included: Tobin Finane: guitar, Daniel Johns: guitar and vocals, Chris Joannou: bass guitar and vocals, Ben Gillies: drums. Tobin Finane left the band. The trio eventually became Silverchair.

Silverchair has recorded and successfully released many albums including:

1995 Frogstomp with the hits: Tomorrow, Pure Massacre and Israel’s Son. Frogstomp sold 2.5 million copies. Frogstomp was the first debut album by an Australian artist to go #1 in Australia in it's first week, the second single Pure Massacre, went directly to number one in Australia.

1997 FreakShow with the hits: Freak, Cemetery and Abuse Me. Freakshow sold 1.5 million copies.

1999 Neon Ballroom with the hits: Anthem for the Year 2000, Ana's Song, Miss You Love and Emotional Sickness. Neon Ballroom sold over 1.5 million copies.

2002 Diorama.

2003 Live from Faraway Stables.

2007 Young Modern. Songs include: Straight Lines


What is your early involvement with Silverchair?

In March 1994_3_26 the Arts Council of New South Wales Australia organised for me to hold a weekend Workshop at the Tanilba Bay Progress Hall, for musicians of all ages. The workshop focused on music and lyric composition. It turned out to be a gathering of about twenty young people with ambition to get involved with Australian music and entertainment in some form. Ben Gillies, Daniel Johns and  Chris Joannou attended as part of a three piece group called Innocent Criminals.

1994 the families of Innocent Criminals who jointly managed the young band sent me a letter to confirm their involvement in a Skate Board competition in Laman Street Newcastle. The Innocent Criminals  performed with Yiante at the event.

April 1994_04_19 Note: Ring Mark Tinson about Innocent Criminals Recording.

May 1994_5_28 They caught the attention of a local newspaper called the Newcastle Mercury and they did a small little clipping on the band. (Note: Newcastle Herald/Maitland Mercury?)

June 1994_6_13 I received a note to thank me for my encouragement and good advice. I also received a copy of the demo tape recorded at Platinum with Mark Tinson's help. The note also mentioned 'the boys' video will air on 'nomad' on SBS at 8.00pm this coming Thursday, with pre-recorded interviews which goes to air on Triple J on Thursday morning'. The tape they sent off included a 6 minute long version of Tomorrow, which I have kept.

June 1994_6_16 Note: Innocent Criminals SBS

By June 1994_06_29 an assortment of record companies from Sony (John Watson/John O'Donnell) to Mushroom had sent the families recording contracts ranging from one year to five years. The families faxed the contracts over for Ian Sandercoe to peruse and help determine the best deal. He recommended a one year contract with Sony, the deal they eventually took was a one year with Sony.

September 1994_09_05 Note: During this period I would go to Daniel Johns home and work on his vocal and breathing techniques. I suggested to protect his voice Daniel not record his vocals in a studio the day following a live show, as this in the long term would damage his voice.

September 1994_09_28 I sent  fax to Ralph Carr at Standard Music Melbourne to see silverchair on Thursday 29th September 1994 at the Gershwin Room on The Esplanade St. Kilda and Friday 30th September 1994 at the Empress of India Hotel in North Fitzroy, Melbourne Australia.

November 1994_11_21 Singing Lessons

December 1994_12_16 Silverchair Long Jetty

December 1994_12_17 Silverchair Phoenician Club Sydney

May 1995_05_30 Silverchair performed to a massive crowd at the Cambridge Hotel in Hunter Street Newcastle being filmed by MTV. My band at that time Yiante was the gig support. DJ on the night was Richard Margetson of Triple J radio.

July 1995_07_12 Singing Lessons

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